Extremely low running costs

A government run N-Euro system could be run very cheaply. The Cyclos 4 Pro software system that has been used to develop N-Euros can be scaled up to cope with millions of users. The current pricing for large scale systems makes it clear that such systems could be implemented for relatively modest costs, especially since the Social TRade Organisations that developed Cyclos specifically mention the fact that “Non-profit organisations and companies with a social mission (e.g. philanthropy projects, environmental innovations) can apply for the social license. ou are a charitable organisation.” CyclosProPrices

In addition to these software costs, there would be cost of setting up the servers to run the system. Currently, hosting companies like OVH will offer very low latency servers capable of handling up to 3 Gbps (Billions of bits per second) for a few hundred pounds per month.

Much safer than cryptocurrencies

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