How can it work?

Any Adminstration wanting to use the N-Euro system should contact the administrator of the system.

They would need to provide a list of all the people and businesses that they would like to include in the system. They would normally need to provide an email contact address for each of them.

The administrator would then create accounts for all the new members, who would then activate their accounts by clicking on a link provided in a mail.

From then on, the administrator could start paying people for their work, or providing goods and services, by transferring N-Euros to their accounts.

Once there are N-Euros in the system, they can be used by people to pay for work, or goods and services provided by other people who are registred on the network.

The key to giving the N-Euros value would be to allow them to be used for paying taxes or for obtaining other services provided by the administration.  If the Administration was normally charging people taxes denominated in conventional Euros, but decreed that it would also accept payment with N-Euros at parity, this would mean that 1 Euro = 1 N-Euro.

That’s literally all that is needed to give a currency value.

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